Troubled Youth, or Just Troubled?

drewDrew McCormack is the illegitimate son of socialist ideals and capitalist realities. Raised by hippies, he spent his youth in the back-blocks of Australia — where towns are dug, as opposed to undergoing some manner of construction process — ‘kicking the footy’, and obsessing with scientific discovery.

At university he learnt that it wasn’t ‘all that’ (the science, not the footy), and had a fleeting romance with music, before returning to reality to attain a degree in Mathematics, and a PhD in Chemical Physics.

On a muggy day in New York, he met his wife to be, Jennifer Venhorst, and emigrated without too much trepidation, or deliberation for that matter, to Amsterdam.

He now works as a researcher in the Theoretical Chemistry group of Evert Jan Baerends, at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. In his spare time, he writes sofware for the Mac, and awaits the day when he will be able to kick the footy with all that remains of his Aussie roots, his children, Rylan and Gileesa.