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Working at Home in the Winter

I work a lot at home. There are times during the winter when the house becomes very cold and I really need warming up. But, I am always nervous about using the home heating system as I have this vague feeling that it is expensive and unnecessary. So, I’ve been looking into using an electric space heater to help me. This article provides an insight into some of my thoughts so far.

Electric infrared heaters are not just for warming up bus stops.  They are versatile, energy efficient, and portable heat sources.  Infrared technology is safe, clean, odorless and silent. Since they give off no emissions, they are safe for indoor use.

Most electric infrared heaters can be plugged right into a regular socket in your house though there are some large wall mounted units that will require their own circuit breaker.  Most people associate infrared heaters with either patios, garages or workshops but they are great for chilly finished basements, mud rooms or any room that is chilly. But check out this post here and you will see that their use has extended far beyond this.

Electric Infrared Heaters – Pricing, Size and Features

There a dozens of brands of infrared heaters that range from small table-top ones to large industrial ones.  The wattage of a typical electric infrared heater ranges from about 300w to 1500w.   Even the smaller low watt heaters are very efficient as most infrared heaters emit 90% of the energy they use as heat.

Make sure you do not get one that is too big for where you need it.  Many electric infrared heaters are programmable, have safety switches, and various wattage settings so you can adjust them to accommodate your needs.


One of the great things about them is that they are quiet – no weird crackling noises, pops etc. that many electric heaters make (the sounds that always make you nervous when running something electrical). Also, they are odorless so none of that dry ozone smell that other types of portable heaters create.  Electric infrared heaters create radiant heat that heats rooms evenly and do not reduce humidity or oxygen so no dry sinuses and skin.

One of the great benefits of them is that they work fast – you want the space heater to warm up your “space” quick or else you may as well just turn on the furnace. You walk into a cold room in the morning and flip on your electric infrared heater and you will be warmed up quick.  When looking to buy one always make sure they are “UL listed”.


The price range is about $20 for the small ones and $150-$400 for the larger ones.

Some of the drawbacks of electric infrared heaters are that once you turn them off the heat can quickly dissipate.  Some of the ones that do include a fan can get noisy (not all) and they are not always great for use at bedtime because of the orange glow.  Not all electric infrared heaters are the same and as you buy larger ones to heat larger spaces examine your electric bill to make sure that the heater is actually saving you money as some people have claimed that their bills actually went up.

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