Dustup on Your Desktop

A while back I blogged here about how you can use launchd to regularly run a script to move old files from your Desktop to the Trash. I’ve been getting by with this solution for a while, but decided that I needed an easy way to enable and disable the garbage collection. The Desktop Dustup Widget was the solution I came up with.

Desktop Dustup does pretty much what the launchd script did, except that you can turn it off and on, and it is a hell of a lot better looking. The scheduling of the garbage collection is now taken care of by Javascript, rather than launchd, but the cleanup itself is still handled by a UNIX findcommand.

The design of the icon is due to Marcello Luppi. Marcello is a scientific colleague of mine, and a talented artist. Lately I’ve been encouraging him to get into software-related design like icons and widgets, and Desktop Dustup is his first public exhibition in that vane. (Look out for more substantial ‘fruits’ in the coming months…)

If you have desktop icons piled two or more layers deep, you need Desktop Dustup. And even if you can still make out the labels on the icons on your desktop, Desktop Dustup could save you a few trips to the Trash. So give it a try, and may your Desktop remain eternally uncluttered.

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